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Missing entries?



  • Jreusserm

    My Garmin hasn't updated the entries on Krowdfit for over 2 days - I've disconnected reconnected it and still no luck. The meal data is transferring fine from Fitbit and my Garmin account is showing that my device is syncing properly to that account but the data isn't transferring to Krowdfit. What is going on?


    Oh - and I couldn't log into the support site with my regular username (email) and password so now I have two profiles - not a happy camper!

  • Kjjbbq

    Also missing my Garmin entries on the weekend for activity as well as sleep. I keep a Jawbone as well as a backup and that loaded my meals and it picked up a few other steps but not all of it.

  • Dan Bures

    My Garmin has not registered anything since Friday, September 1st. Also, my meals are not being recorded from the My Fitness Pal app for about a month now.

  • KREW Member - Paul

    The counters are running a little slow, but data is coming in. Things will catch up in a couple hours and anything missed should get caught in the nightly reconcile.

  • Joe Fischer

    I am having the same issues listed above


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