How do I log food on KrowdFit?




  • Stacey Malek Fuda

    My meals are up to date on my FitBit. KrowdFit only shows 1 meal logged. My steps are correct on KrowdFit, so I know it's syncing. Any ideas why?

  • KREW Member - Paul

    If you manually log sleep, or even exercise minutes and active minutes it won't be reported. For steps, activity and sleep the data we get from the device providers is the actual device reported counts. So if you are not wearing your device to sleep then it will usually be missed.

  • Francis Lewis

    I'm logging my sleep with the Up Jawbone app, but it doesn't show in my Krowdfit account.

  • KREW Member - Paul

    Sometimes if you log a whole days worth of meals at the same time it appears as one. Or if you do log your day at one sitting, in Fitbit be sure to select the "Meal & Snack Time" it should go with. It is the meal value that helps us determine which of the entries to award on the KrowdFit side.

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